Gardening Services - It's Your Time To Bloom

  • Any Garden Size: We will maintain your garden: edge beds, prune, fertilize, and add soils and mulch
  • We will design and install a custom garden for you with your choice of beautiful low maintenance, drought resistant ground covers, perennials, drift and knock out roses, special ornamental grasses, shrubs, trees and vines. Do you have a favourite colour, a favourite fragrance? One year guarantee on all plants

Mulch and Soil - We Deliver and Apply It For You

  • Cedar mulch for garden beds. Mulch keeps out weeds, keeps in moisture, stops soil from blowing away and is a great contrast for plants
  • Top soil for lawns, raked out nicely
  • Only $125 including tax. Most charge more and just deliver it. We deliver it and rake it out for you
  • Remember it’s not dirt, its soil