Why Even Have a Lawn?

The Benefits of Lawns and Lawn Care

  • Unlike most ground covers, turf's benefits are many, for both aesthetic and health reasons
  • Durable and inexpensive: You can walk on it and it comes back. It goes dormant and it comes back
  • An ideal safe play area for kids and dogs, whether they eat it or roll in it
  • Thick turf keeps out weeds
  • Stabilizes soil against wind and water erosion, many other ground covers do not
  • Reduces noise by 40%
  • Reduces heat by 30 degrees, cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than bare soil
  • Increases our water quality, absorbs and filters, less run off, 4-6 times more effective than bare soil
  • Improves air quality by trapping dust and dirt
  • A wonderful frame for your home, a lush lawn is the dominant landscaping element
  • Your average lawn reduces enough carbon dioxide and releases enough oxygen for a family of 4
  • What a wonderful ground cover, it even smells good when you cut it. Adds to quality of life
  • Thick coverage - 6 grass plants per square inch, 850 plants per square foot and miles of roots
  • Beautiful turf increases property value by 15%
  • Green is a nice calming colour, reduces eye strain, adds years to your life
home with green lawn

The Kensington Advantage Lawn Care Plan

We’ve developed a complete, safe lawn care plan to consistently maintain a healthy, green and thick lawn. We start with a look at the roots and soil and treat the lawn 6 times, spring summer and fall. We monitor, document and treat each lawn individually.

We call it the Kensington Advantage Lawn Care Plan. It is very unique and no other company offers all this: inspection, reporting and a treatment process. Lawns are not all the same. We offer 6 visits and 12 treatments.

With many years of experience and education we understand turf and soil science. To thrive, grass, plants and people need a balanced and healthy diet. Years ago, the thinking was that chemicals were the answer. Now we know the chemical risks are not worth the benefits. We can be thankful for the Ontario Pesticide Ban of 2009. Our unique plan is safe, natural and sustainable.